Situated near Pozhhikkra Beach in Trivandrum, 8 km from Trivandrum International Airport and10 km Trivandrum from Central Railway Station and Bus Station, Beach and Lake Ayurvedic Resort is a fascinating resort with outdoor pool, relaxing spa treatments and backwater cruises. It is a gorgeous location near a remote ocean beach and the swimming pool and the garden .The ambience of the resort and the view is amazing, peaceful and relaxing exclusively fit for vacation. Huddled between the Arabian Sea and the Karamana river, it is a private Ayurvedic Resort, situated on an island offering Therapeutic and Rejuvenating Ayurvedic programmes.On one side of the resort is backwaters, fringed with a forest of coconut palms, a natural habitat of several odd species of migrant birds and the other side is a quiet area of beach stretches 4 kms north joins to the lively beach of Kovalam.

The Beach & Lake Ayurvedic Resort

⦁ Open throughout the year
⦁ October to April is the main tourist season.
⦁ Best offers for treatments during the rainy season of June and July.

Resort Room Types

All rooms have fantastic water view. Set in lush green palm grove, the water facing rooms are spacious, bright and state of the art. Available services includes Multi cuisine, Money Changing, Major credit cards accepted, Tour and travel division, Safe deposit locker, Room service, Laundry, Baby sitting, Refrigerator, Television, 24 hours hot water, local transfers (Air port / Railway station), High speed internet browsing in the room, Wifi, ISD, Fax, Indoor games, Peddling and canoeing, Bird watching and so on. Optional services include Ayurveda consultation, Ayurveda treatments, Kalaripayattu - Kerala Martial Arts, Backwater cruise.
Super Deluxe

Superior deluxe rooms and Deluxe rooms are with balcony /veranda and have beach and lake view. Superior deluxe rooms are much spacious than Deluxe, the standard deluxe rooms are annex and on the mainland without any sea/river view from the room and no balcony, no refrigerator, no locker facility and not so spacious to afford an extra bed. .Cottages at the resort are open into a garden and it blends in to the garden land scape hence the name.Amenities include mineral water,tea kettle & tea/coffee set,mimi bar,32 inch LCD TV,safe locker etc.


The Deluxe rooms are situated in the ground floor with veranda

Standard Deluxe

Leisure villas are filled with unusual experiences that merge the greatest of many worlds. It takes you to a private and exclusive feel within the expanse of a delightful resort.Amenities include mineral water,tea kettle & tea/coffee set,mimi bar,32 inch LCD TV,safe locker etc.


All the resort rooms have wonderful water view.

Available services include:

Multi cuisine, Money Changing, Major credit cards accepted, Tour and travel division, Safe deposit locker, Room service, Laundry, Babysitting, Refrigerator, Television, 24 hours hot water, local transfers (Airport / Railway station), High speed internet browsing in the room, Wifi, ISD, Fax, Indoor games, Peddling and canoeing, Bird watching and so on.

Optional services include:

Ayurveda consultation, Ayurveda treatments, Kalaripayattu - Kerala Martial Arts, Backwater cruise. Some services incur a fee. Please ask.


We are particularly proud of our restaurant, which, if you are not prescribed an Ayurvedic diet, offers a Multi-cuisine menu of high standard. Please request a cooking class with our top chef for a nominal fee.
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A Boutique Resort

Location of the resort, surrounding, excellent service, smallness and attention to details make Beach & Lake Ayurvedic distinctive and the easy and quick access to everything like shopping, sightseeing make the guests choose this resort!


Huddled between the Arabian Sea and the Karamana river, The Beach & Lake is situated on an island. It is a privately owned Ayurvedic Resort, incredibly blessed by nature. As the resort is located near the famous beach Kovalam, this beach resort is most longed for the sereneness and the loveliness around it. Bounded by water and lush green, the resort is family run and small enough for personal attention.
 EP – (European Plan) This plan includes only room rent and any food cost will be extra. This is the lowest tariff.
CP – (Continental Plan) This plan includes room rent and complimentary free breakfast. Dinner and lunch cost extra.
 MAP – (Modified American Plan) This plan includes room rent with free breakfast and free lunch OR free dinner.
AP – (American Plan) This plan includes room rent plus breakfast, lunch and dinner. No extra payment for food under this plan.
 MAPI or API – (An extended version of MAP or AP) This plan provides free evening tea/snacks.


The Ayurveda doctors and therapists at the resort are passionate and experienced for helping you accomplish your health goals. The recently built Ayurveda unit has traditional structure and bears a positive energy. It is bounded by an herbal garden!


The Ayurvedic doctors and therapist give you caring support using highest quality oils and herbs.The Ayurvedic doctors and therapist give you caring support using highest quality oils and herbs.

Comprehensive Healing

The germane Vedic healing systems using in the resort help you attain your ideal health with the sincere efforts of the proficient people of the resort. With the use of herbs, nutrition and most therapies of Ayurveda, the resort is specialized in using yoga for integrating your mind and body along with some other therapies of Kalari Payattu for sound healing.

Ayurvedic Medicine

The word, ‘Ayurveda’ derived from two Sanskrit terms, literally means: the knowledge of life (Ayur = life, Veda = science or knowledge) is a 5,000-year-old system of natural healing. By giving advice for food, conduct, every day and seasonal routines, and the right use of our senses, Ayurveda prompts us that health is the balanced and dynamic combination of our environment, body, mind, and spirit. Ayurveda believes in the concepts such as agni, balam, tri-gunas, tri-doshas, pancha-bhutas, sapta-dhaatus, shat-kalas and tri-malas. Even though curbed during years of foreign invasion, Ayurveda has been enjoying a major resurgence in its native land as well as gaining popularity throughout the West, as its treatment modalities are more appropriate for treating the ailments of the contemporary world. This holistic treatment involves several kinds of massage and oil applications, inhalations, diet, and natural medicines and the treatment plans are as separate for everyone.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga, apprehended by the great sage Patanjali in his quest for self-exploration, is a therapy that uses meditation, yoga postures, breathing exercises, and guided images to progress mental and physical health. It is basically a spiritual discipline- studies man in his wholeness - focuses on bringing harmony between mind, body and spirit. Compared to traditional Yoga sastra, nothing provides such a versatile health and balance. Yoga confirms a comprehensive health of the whole person - environment and individual. Yoga includes an eight-fold path to final liberation from pain and suffering. These steps with time fetch you to the uppermost state of creativity, of discriminative knowledge and towards attaining the desired perfection.
Here are the 8 steps in Yoga.
YAMA - Conditional yoga behavior, personal and social.
NIYAMA - Attitude sublimate to yoga norms.
ASANA - Discipline of the physical body.
PRANAYAMA - Control over bio energy through respiratory action.
PRATYAHARA - Withdrawal of the senses inwards through abstraction.
DHARNA - Concentration.
DHYANA - Meditation.
SAMADHI - Tran consciousness

Kalari payattu therapy

Kalari-payattu, the martial art form of Kerala, south India, evolved during the 9th century, is a medicinal system initially established by kalari masters to heal battle related injuries and to improve their student’s fighting abilities. It was practiced in an underground space in the light of oil lit lamps. It was warrior clan of Kerala, Nair community who practiced Kalari Payattu. The master – ‘gurukkal’ - teaches the art and practice early in the morning at around 3am for quite a few hours. Nowadays, it is applied as ‘kalarichikitsa’ for achieving good health especially in neuro-muscular (sciatica, spondylosis, etc.), and skeletal disorders like sprains, fractures, dislocations, etc. Also, this treatment helps one to reach beyond one’s psycho-physical limitations and is apt for kalari practitioners, but also for athletes, dancers, and stage performers.
Karate and Kungfu, believed to have instigated from Kalaripayattu after Bodhi Dharma took the art of Kalaripayattu to China. This martial art is essentially a spiritual discipline, by way of it is physical. Kalaripayattu, mostly a philosophical system helps to nurture an exact way of ‘non-violent life’ far from any kind of violence and operational more towards meditative self-analysis and self-control. This practicing of Kalaripayattu is not just to learn exactly all the techniques of ‘defense and offence’ or the ‘right use of the various weapons’. But it is to control and tame the anger sensibly and any kind of impetuous and ferocious behavior, which will make awfully dangerous effects on one and others. Kalaripayattu helps the students to build up character, self-confidence and adoptability to circumstances. It helps systemize the flow of energy in the body as well.


The resort doctors are either BAMS or MD or equivalent from a contemporary university of India. Their knowledge and expertise are more than enough to propose a treatment needed for everyone. Treated thousands of patients until now in which most patients are from countries like USA, UK, Slovenia, Ukraine, Dubai, Bahrain, Singapore, China, Australia, Nepal, Iran, within a short period of time. With a special attention in holistic approach towards disease, stressing on preventive aspect along with treatment, the resort conducts seminars on various diseases according to Ayurvedic perspective. Prakriti parikshan (Natural constitution) and life style / carrier guidance in accordance with each individual nature.


The therapists in the resort are experienced and well qualified with government accredited diploma in Ayurveda therapies. They are keen and devoted to help you with your health.

The Beach & Lake resort offers the largest list of therapies ...

Beach and Lake offers comprehensive range of Ayurvedic treatment modalities and they include;


The resort has a separate swimming pool, well maintained Kitchen and Restaurants for only Ayurveda Guests. Free use of Gymnasium, Library, Indoor & Outdoor Games. Coffee and Tea maker provided in the room with supplies.Free herbal water in room.


Steady and Comfortable sitting posture, useful for restoring and maintaining a practitioner's well-being and improving the body's flexibility and vitality.


Immersion of the body or limbs in an individualized herbal fluid or oil to strengthen the area, reduce inflammation and accelerate healing.


Pooling herbal fluids over an area of the body. This ensures the area absorbs the maximum amount of the therapeutic herbs. Kati-vasti (back), greeva-vasti (neck), uro-vasti (chest) are some specific styles of Bahya-vasti.

5. Bandha

Locks in different parts of the body to concentrate energy by contractions a. Mula bandha - contraction of the perineum b. Uddiyana Bandha - contraction of the abdomen into the rib cage c. Jalandhara Bandha - tucking the chin close to the chest d. Maha Bandha - combining all three of the above bandhas


A series of therapies to rebuild and replenish the mind and body.


In Deha-dhara (also known as pizhichil) a warm herbal oil or milk is poured over the body. This is one the most rejuvenating and soothing therapies to empower the nervous, muscular and skeletal systems. Chronic fatigue syndrome, poor circulation and chronic muscle tension is treated successfully with deha-dhara.

8.Dhumam Herbal

Dhumam Herbal fumes to remove toxins and purify areas such as the ear canal, sinus and skin.


Herbal oil gargling to restore the health of teeth and gums.


This entails pooling oil over the neck for conditions such as prolapsed disc, degenerative spinal conditions, chronic neck pain, compressed discs and spondylosis.


Pooling herbal oils over the region of lungs. gives releif in cases of Asthma, Cough and related to respiratory problems.


When therapeutic oils are pooled over the knee it is known as janu-vasti. This strengthens the knee joint by improving the circulation, joint lubrication strength and stability. It is often employed in arthritis and knee injuries.


A complete program of rejuvenative therapies and observances undergone over weeks or months.


Fumigation in the ears with medicated herbal powder.


Herbal decoctions are poured continuously over the body. Kashaya dhara treats conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, varicose veins, blocked circulation, dull skin, pain, psoriasis and eczema.


Warm oil is pooled over the sacrum or lower back to rejuvenate joints, tendons and muscles. Extremely useful in sacro-iliac problems, disc prolapses, lumbar spondylosis, osteoporosis, sciatica, periformis syndrome and chronic backache.


Keeping the mouth full of a herbal liquid to heal or tonify the tonsils, sinuses, teeth, gums, vocal cords, pharynx and larynx.


Ksheera-dhoomam Steam fomentation with medicated cow’s milk. This treatment is good for facial paralysis, Bell’s palsy, speech disorders and other neurological disorders of the face.


A series of lightening therapies to reduce excess weight and waste.

20.Lepanam Herbal

Lepanam Herbal pastes are used to purify and replenish the skin. Lepanam is also used for lymphatic congestion, bruises, fractures, rashes and poison.


Marma-chikitsa Ayurvedic acupressure to reduce pain and promote healing energy.


Finger gestures to stimulate different parts of the body, to counted and stimulate the flow of prana in the body

23. Nasya

Nasya involves medication up the nasal passages. It is applied in conditions related to the eyes, nose, throat, brain, vocal cords and tonsils.


Navara-kizhi is also known as shashtika-pinda-swedam. A bolus of herbal or plain rice is dipped in warm herbalised milk or decoction and massaged over the body. This treatment is used to regenerate wasted tissues such as muscles, tendons and ligaments, stabilize joints and cartilage. It also assists recovery from strokes and paralysis.


For deep eye rejuvenation and purification herbal fluids are allowed to flow continuously over the eyes. Useful for all vision and eye problems.


Warm herbal gee is pooled over the eyes to renew the vision, optic nerves and retina. Retinal detachment, short sightedness, glaucoma and neurological weaknesses of the eyes are treated with Netra-tarpanam. This is also known as Akshi-tarpanam.


Deeply relaxing Ayurvedic foot massage.

28. Paada-aghata

An Ayurvedic massage whereby the therapist massages the client with their feet, keeping their balance by holding on to an overhanging rope.

29. Pancha-karma

Five Ayurvedic therapies that are designed to cleanse every organ and tissue of our body. Panchakarma may include vomiting, laxatives, nasal medication, enema and bloodletting.


Post panchakarma therapies designed to ease the body back to a normal diet and routine.


A herbal bolus is massaged over the body. This is often used to relieve back pain, lymphatic congesion, spondylosis, sciatica or arthritis.


A warm oil pad is applied to the body, keeping it constantly warm by dipping in oil. This therapy is used successfully on prolapsed discs, damaged joints, chronically tense tendons and muscles, memory loss and insomnia. Based on the location it may be known as shiropichu (head), prishtapichu (back), sandhipichu (joints) or greevapichu (neck).


Extension and Expansion of breathing is Pranayama, by controlling th inhalation and exhalation

34. Purva-karma

Pre-panchakarma therapies to optimize one’s ability to assimilate the effect of deep cleansing and rejuvenation. This may include abhyanga, snehapana, swedana and other therapies.

35. Rasayanam

A series of tailored therapies to rejuvenate the mind and body. Rasayanam invariably involves a strict diet, rest, meditation and herbs.


Reducing and drying therapies to remove excess cholesterol, unwanted fat and fluid from the body.

37. Samsarjana-kriya

Select dietary or herbal preparations are given to rekindle the digestion and metabolism. This optimises assimilation of nutrients.

38. Shamanam

Therapies that prevent toxins from accumulating in the body. A shamanam regime may include personalised exercises, lifestyle, nutrition and herbs.

39. Shiro-abhyangam

Soothing Ayurvedic massage of the head, neck & shoulders using warm herbal oils. Indicated in insomnia, eyestrain, headache, premature graying & hair loss.

40. Shiro-dhara

Approximately two liters of warm, herbalised oil is poured onto the forehead in a soothing rhythm from temple to temple for 40-50 minutes.


A tall, open-topped cap is sealed around the head and filled with therapeutic herbal oil. The cap remains in place for up to an hour. Common conditions for shiro-vasti are anxiety, facial paralysis, insomnia, psychological conditions, psoriasis and stress.


These nourishing therapies involve the use of oil or ghee externally and internally to restore essential fats and moisture to the body. It also lubricates the body to promote purification.

43. Sneha-paanam

Drinking herbal ghee help lubricate the channels and dilute deep-seated cellular toxins. This prepares the body for deep detoxification.

44. Soundarya-charya

Ayurvedic beauty therapy utilizes innumerable methods to enhance one’s innate beauty. It includes treatments for smooth radiant skin, a toned physique. Therapies may involve facials, steam, exfoliation, masks, wraps and massage.

45. Swedana

Swedana is sweating therapies to optimize circulation, assimilation and elimination through the channels. Various forms of heat may be such as a steam chamber, sauna, warm blanket or warm bolus.


Application of herbal paste over a small area such as a bruise, torn tendon or joint subluxation is known as Talam. For insomnia and bad dreams, it is used on the crown.


Fixed gazing at single point, such as small object, black dot or candle flame. It will develop cancentration, strenghtening eyes and stimulating Ajna Chakra

48. Udvartana

Ayurvedic massage with herbal or legume powder. It is used for weight loss and tones the skin, cleanses the lymphatics, reduces cellulite and stimulates the metabolism.

49. Uzhichil

Another term for Ayurvedic massage.


Rejuvenating therapies to improve the quality and quantity of one’s sexual life to optimize fertility. The ultimate goal of this therapy is ultimate sexual satisfaction and to generate healthy progeny. Vajeekaranam also prevents genetic and congenital disorders.


Herbs are soaked in a cotton tube and inserted into tubular structures of the body such as the nose, vagina, tubular ulcers or fistulas. This is used to treat infections, lubricate the channel and accelerate healing.

52. Vasti

Vasti is a decoction or oil enema that cleanses and rejuvenates the whole body. It is generally inserted in the anus but also the vagina in rare cases. Vasti is a broad-spectrum remedy particularly prescribed for vata disorders.


Wraps with warm herbal pastes that reduce swelling, cellulite and lymphatic congestion.


Virechanam is a strong laxative (purgation) process. It removes excess pitta which can cause acidity, rashes, burning, bleeding, diarrhea, irritability and agitation. Virechanam treats disorders of the liver, spleen, gall bladder, stomach, small intestine and skin when applicable.


Panchakarma therapy is comprised of five basic types of advanced treatment for the evacuation of toxins from the body.

Indoor Facilities

⦁ State of the art rooms ⦁ Restaurant serving all cuisine ⦁ Money changing, and major credit cards accepted ⦁ Tour and Travel division ⦁ Safe deposit locker ⦁ Room Service ⦁ Laundry ⦁ Babysitting ⦁ Refrigerator ⦁ Television ⦁ Hot water ⦁ Pick up / drop from or to airport / railway station (Trivandrum) ⦁ Indoor Games ⦁ Ayurveda cuisine and Multi-cuisine.

Outdoor Facilities

⦁ Canoeing and peddling ⦁ Bird Watching ⦁ Swimming Pool (19mx13m) with a kid’s pool and set of Jacuzzis. ⦁ The pool has broad pool decks finished in natural dressed granite with poolside umbrellas and long reclining poolside cots. etc, ⦁ Backwater cruise.


Beaches, lakes, palaces, shopping malls, planetarium, movies, waterfalls, hills, rivers .... the list goes on.

Around the Resort


Poovar, a tourist town in the Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala state, South Indian village is almost at the southern tip of Thiruvananthapuram though the next village, Pozhiyoor, marks the end of Kerala. This gorgeous beach in this village attracts tourists.


Kovalam, a breathtaking beach paradise - a haven of peace and tranquility- for the tired traveler is an ideal tourist destination in God’s own country. Just 4 kilometers from south of The Beach & Lake Ayurvedic Resort, Kovalam is the most loved tourist spot with shops, restaurants and a full range of tourist facilities. It is renowned for its three adjacent crescent beaches; Lighthouse Beach, Hawah Beach, and Samudra Beach. The high season is October - April, when the average temperature is around 32 degrees. Kovalam is very comfortable to Western travelers and they can travel in coziness and security.


The restaurant at the resort ,useful for the people who are devoid of Ayurvedic diets, offers a Multi-cuisine menu of high standard. Cooking class is available with their top chef for a nominal fee.

Local Tours

The resort can arrange day trips for you around Trivandrum or help with trip planning. Taxis are always available to take you on local sightseeing trips. The most popular tour is the backwaters trip; a traditional wooden boat backwater trip around the surrounding area for a three-hour from the resort. Truly, it is a journey along the waterways seems like a journey through another world. You can see many species of migratory birds in their natural habitat and the villagers along the riverbank, a timeless view of age-old daily village life. Also see the conventional coir industry, the fishermen hauling the fish and the one and only famous Parasurama Temple. (It was because of Swami Parasurama that Kerala came in to existence). The resort can plan a 4-8-hour trip or even a multi-day program for you. They provide your own vehicle and give you an all-inclusive quote for total pleasure and complete relaxation.

Attractions around

⦁ Aaranmula Boat Race ⦁ Agasthyamala Biosphere Reserve ⦁ Agastya Mala ⦁ Akkulam Lake ⦁ Anchuthengu(Anjengo) Beach ⦁ Anivikkara Dam ⦁ Anjengo Fort ⦁ Aranmula Temple ⦁ Aruvikkara ⦁ Attingal ⦁ Attukal Bhagavathy Temple ⦁ Avanavanchery Sri Indilayappan Temple ⦁ Balaramapuram ⦁ Chacha Nehru Children`s Museum ⦁ Chalai Bazaar (Chala Market) ⦁ Chitranjali Studio ⦁ East Fort ⦁ Edava Nadayara Lake ⦁ Govt. Art and Craft Museum ⦁ International Film Festival of Kerala ⦁ Irumkulangara Durga Devi Temple ⦁ Jama Masjid, Beemapally ⦁ Janardanaswamy Temple ⦁ Kanakakunnu Palace ⦁ Kappil Bhagavathy Temple ⦁ Kappil Lake ⦁ Karamana River ⦁ Kathakali ⦁ Kerala Niyamasabha (Kerala Legislative Assembly) ⦁ Killi River ⦁ Kinfra Film and Video Park ⦁ Kovalam Beach ⦁ Kovalam Lighthouse ⦁ Kowdiar Palace ⦁ Koyikkal Palace (Nedumangad Palace) ⦁ Kuthira Malika Palace and Museum ⦁ Mar Ivanios College ⦁ Meenmutty Falls ⦁ Nair Brigade ⦁ Napier Museum ⦁ Natural History Museum ⦁ Neyyar Dam and River ⦁ Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary ⦁ Padmanabhaswamy Temple ⦁ Palayam Juma Masjid ⦁ Parasailing, Kovalam ⦁ Parasurama Temple, Thiruvallam ⦁ Pazhaya Sreekanteswaram Temple ⦁ Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary ⦁ Ponmudi ⦁ Poovar Beach ⦁ Raj Bhavan ⦁ Sarkara Devi Temple ⦁ Science and Technology Museum ⦁ Shankumugham Beach ⦁ Shiva Temple, Aruvippuram ⦁ Sivagiri Mutt ⦁ Sri Chitra Art Gallery ⦁ St. Andrews ⦁ St. Mary's Cathedral, Pattom ⦁ State Central Library (Public Library) ⦁ Technopark ⦁ Thaikkottaram ⦁ The Oriental Research Institute and Manuscripts Library ⦁ Thirichittoor Rock (Thirichitta Paara) ⦁ Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) Zoo ⦁ Vamanapuram River ⦁ Varkala Beach ⦁ Varkala Tunnel ⦁ Veli Beach ⦁ Veli Lagoon ⦁ Venkatachalapathy Temple ⦁ Vettucaud Church ⦁ Victoria Jubilee Town Hall ⦁ Sarabhai Space Centre ⦁ Vizhinjam ⦁ Zoological Park ⦁ Indulge in Onam festival ⦁ Indulge in Vishu festival

View all Amenities and services

Free Usage of Pool and Fitness Centre Near to Beach Multi Lingual Staff
Speciality Restaurant Multi Lingual Staff Boating
Speciality Restaurant wi fi Multi Cuisine Restaurant
Charging points Open Air Restaurant / Dining Room Service
Sauna Front Desk Free Parking
Gift Shop Swimming Pool Business services
barbecue Area Vegetarian Food / Jain Food Available Breakfast Service
Gardens Canoeing Fishing
Outdoor Activities Fire Exit Signs Newspapers In Lobby
Umbrellas Meeting Rooms Family Room