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Vythiri Ayurveda Resort Wayanad, kerala. Where you are completely in harmony with nature. Untouched, unexplored and raw. Where, the ambience is exclusive, comfortable and refreshing. The cottages and huts are in the ethnic styles. Taking you back to an indigenous "tribal village" where simplicity and harmony reigned supreme. The climate is mildly cool, just fine - neither too cold, nor warm. Perfect. It's just like no other hill resort. All the time, it's like having put your AC on to a comfortable cool. An old British Colonial retreat, Vythiri Resort Wayanad is a holiday waiting to be discovered and rediscovered. Always fresh, completely unspoiled. Come, enjoy the glory of paradise. By yourselves at Vythiri Resort Wayanad.



Vythiri Resort Wayanad, kerala, impressions blur and mingle. Mud walls, rocks, concrete, and wood. It's a visual treat like none other. A long swaying bridge. A swimming pool roofed by the stars. Rough-hewn steps leading to breathtaking vistas.

Serena Spa
Conference hall s Doctor on call
Ayurveda centre s 24 hour IS
Safe Deposite Lockers
Health Club
Travel Assistance
Swimming pool
Games Room
TV salon
Kids Play Area
Natural Pool
Coffee Shop
Multi Cuisine Restaurant


DELICACIES: Vythiri Ayurveda Resort Wayanad, kerala restaurant, Thinna offers delectable dishes in typical Kerala style cooking. Kerala cuisine is mildly spicy with an aromatic coconut blend. From the famed Malabar style Chicken curry to the Prawn fry in the Coastal style. Perhaps a Mangalorean fish curry with fluffy Appams followed by the thick syrupy Payasam, the dessert would be welcome. However, we would be delighted to cater to your special requests, on condition that prior notice is given at the time of booking.


Kerala Cuisine: Vythiri Resort Wayanad
Feast on Keralite food! Exotically flavored, Kerala food is most mouthwatering, yet gentle on the stomach. There are a vast number of dishes to choose from. Kerala meals include white boiled rice with 'thoren', 'kalan', 'pachadi', 'olen' or 'avial' as side dishes; 'sambhar' or 'moru' as 'ozhichu curries', and crispy, crunchy 'pappadam'. Served on tender green banana leaf. If you wish something spicier, you have pulao, biriyani and pilaff. With meat or vegetables curries. For breakfast, you have 'puttu', white rice flour dough steamed in a bamboo stalk served with 'kadala' or 'peas' curry. Another hot favorite is 'Idli' or 'dosa'. Hey, meanwhile we've missed something great-Kerala's much-coveted 'kappa' (tapioca) with spicy red-chilly fish or mutton curries. A million delights await you at Vythiri Resort Wayanad.


Vythiri Ayurveda Resort Wayanad, kerala offers you well appointed, tastefully furnished rooms. It has all modern amenities including en-suite bathroom, hot water etc. So that you enjoy your brush-with-nature comfortably. You have three fabulous choices on your stay here. Planter's Lodges (Paadi Rooms), Cottages and Deluxe Rooms at Vythiri Resort Wayanad


Paadi Rooms : Vythiri Resort Wayanad
6 adjoining rooms fully fitted, each with a veranda offering a beautiful view of the lush surroundings and flowing stream. Tile roofed Planter's Lodges are inspired by ancient Keralite traditions.

Kudeeram Cottages : Vythiri Resort Wayanad
There are 18 spacious stream-facing cottages, offering you the golden opportunity of waking up to the sounds of a gurgling stream. Self-contained and ideal for couples / family. The floorings are terracotta tiles and red-oxide finished red polished floors.


Deluxe Rooms
Vythiri Ayurveda Resort Wayanad, kerala: There are 4 spacious stream-facing cottages, offering you the golden opportunity of waking up to the sounds of a gurgling stream with the balcony just above the natural pool.


Tryst with the wild - Vythiri Ayurveda Resort Wayanad, kerala

Located in nature-rich Vythiri famed for its many picturesque spots, ravines, gurgling streams and verdant hills welcome you at the beautiful Vythiri Resorts. Adding to the exotic experience are the exclusive tree houses that brings to you all the magic of the outdoors. Situated 100 ft above ground level, these forest homes are modernized versions of the original tree huts known as erumadams used by the tribal communities as a place to track down the wild animals as also to keep a safe distance from them, these ethnic lodges are made out of bamboo to minimize deforestation and preserve the environment. To conserve power solar energy is used here.

Be one with nature - Vythiri Ayurveda Resort Wayanad, kerala

Created entirely out of locally available, eco-friendly, bio-degradable materials by the tribal people, the tree houses at Vythiri Resorts come with all basic facilities inclusive of bath attached bedrooms. Two types of tree house-one accessed by wooden steps and the other by an indigenous crane lift that works by a unique counter weight of water - cater to the guests. The delightful interiors coupled with panoramic views of the mist shrouded western Ghats makes for an exciting experience. Bird watching, rainforest treks, visits to nearby spice plantations and picnic spots are some of the activities that you can indulge in during your stay here.

The magical getaway

The best way to experience the quintessence of this stunning land is by going for long walks through virgin terrain or scaling the hills to take in the panoramic view. Vythiri Resort has its very own trekking routes complimented by a hanging bridge and a natural swimming pool, the foreground of which doubles as a stage for cultural shows.

Vythiri Ayurveda Resort Wayanad, kerala, Paadi Rooms or planters lodges inspired by ancient Keralite traditions; kudeeram cottages that faces the stream and the Nigunjam Huts built entirely out of mud, bamboo and palm leaves brings you closer to nature. Other amenities at the resort include a luxurious spa, health club and a multi-cuisine restaurant.

Tree House A at Vythiri Ayurveda Resort Wayanad, kerala

60 feet height
Water lift
400 sq.ft
1 bedroom with toilet
Balcony on sides
Tree House B
40 feet height
Wooden staircase
425 sq.ft
1 bedroom with toilet
Balcony on all 3 sides

special note for Vythiri Ayurveda Resort Wayanad, kerala
• No food is served in the tree house
• Liquor is strictly prohibited
• Smoking is not allowed
• Use of electricity should be minimal
• During monsoon leeches could be found
• No visitors are allowed to the tree house
• Heavy luggage must be left at the locker provided
• Children below 12 are not allowed on the tree house
• Separate jeeps are provided for the tree house guests

For reservation and booking of Ayurveda Treatments, Honeymoon holiday packages, Family holiday packages and Ayurveda holiday tour travel packages at Vythiri Ayurveda Resort Wayanad, kerala

Please contact: vijay@ayurvedaresortindia.com -       Reservation

Mobile: 09495179196


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