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Coconut Lagoon Resort, Kerala - Coconut Lagoon Ayurveda Resort Kumarakom, Kerala                                                  Ayurveda Resorts Kerala

Ayurveda Backwater Resort at Kumarakam Kerala. Backwater Hotel Kumarakom, Kerala Ayurvedic Resort Kumarakom

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Coconut Lagoon Resort, Kerala is located at the lake side of Vembanadu Lake at, Kumarakam Kerala. Coconut Lagoon Resort, Kerala located hidden among the palm trees on the eastern shore of Lake Vembanad, at Kumarakom, at the mouth of the Kavanar River. Coconut Lagoon Resort, Kerala on an abandoned coconut plantation in the very heart of these fascinating backwaters, and has been designed to give visitors an authentic insight into Kuttanad life.


Coconut Lagoon Resort, Kerala Lake side Kumarakam can only be reached by boat- a ferry leaves from one of several "mainland" embarkation points at scheduled times throughout the day, the closest being Kumarakom.

Coconut Lagoon Resort, Kerala has AC cottage and Bungalow Accommodation,
Swimming Pool, Multi-cuisine Restaurant and Ayurvedic Massage Centre. View of the
unending Vembanad lake and absolutely peaceful and serene surroundings makes Coconut lagoon a favorite for overseas tourists.


Coconut Lagoon Resort, Kerala is offering a plethora of magical Ayurvedic massages by experienced masseurs that have the power to cure any chronic ailment.The Coconut Lagoon offers the following therapies at It's Ayurvedic Center at Coconut Lagoon Resort, Kerala, is under the guidance of an expert vaidyan (Physician) whom you may consult for a fuller understanding of symptoms and appropriate treatment. It is well equipped with a dispensary and qualified resident staff.


Ayurveda Packages at Coconut Lagoon Resort, Kerala

: A mental relaxant consisting of herbal oils and medicated butter milk poured on the forehead and sometimes on the body as well. Good for insomnia, mental tension and certain skin problems. Proposed Period: 7 to 21 days or according to condition.

Sirovasthi : A treatment that anoints the head with special herbal oils. Good for headaches and Vatha originated ailments. Proposed period: 7 days or according to condition.

Pizhichil : A special kind of massage with herbal oils. Good for rheumatic ailments and nervous disorders. Proposed period: 7 to 14 days or according to condition.

Njavarakizhy : A treatment that induces perspiration through the external application of medicated rice concocations. Good for joint pains, arthritic conditions and certain skin diseases. Proposed period: 14 days or according to condition.

Udvarthanam : A massage with herbal powders. Good for obesity, paralysis and certain rheumatic disorders. Proposed period: 14 to 28 days or according condition.

Ayurveda Wellness packages at Coconut Lagoon Resort, Kerala:

Massage -General : The body ts massaged with herbal oils and powders. Tones improves circulation and restores energy and vigour.

Medicated Steam Bath : The body is exposed to the rejuvenating vapours of special leaves and herbs that are boiled. Eliminates toxins, reduces fat tissue and good for certain skin disorders.

Nasyam : A variety of herbal preparations are used to cleanse the nasal passage.



Coconut Lagoon Resort, Kerala has comprises of small individual cottages known as Tharavadu, and bungalows built in traditional Kerala style. Coconut Lagoon offers three types of accommodation namely Heritage Mansions, Heritage Bungalows and Private pool villas. The Heritage Mansions at Coconut Lagoon Resort, Kerala have two stories, and provides magnificent views of Lake Vembanad.


Coconut Lagoon Resort, Kerala : The cottages vary in configuration, and some of the air-conditioned units are newly built replicas incorporating only fragments of old tharawads that could not be saved in their entirety, Coconut Lagoon Resort, Kerala offers three basic types of accommodation: Heritage Mansions, Heritage Bungalows and Private pool villas. The former have two stories, the upstairs bedroom gallery offering particularly magnificent views of Lake Vembanad. The latter are more compact, single-level cottages. Both are furnished in aiyny and jack woods, and retain all the charm of original family homes, with thick, solid doors, intricate window carvings, and terra cotta tile floors.

Leisure Activities at Coconut Lagoon Resort, Kerala:

Sunset Cruise
at Coconut Lagoon Resort, Kerala:
There can be few better ways to adjust to the pace of backwater life than to spend the waning hours of the afternoon just watching the sun go down.

Backwater Cruises at Coconut Lagoon Resort, Kerala:
A relaxing boat trip through the maze of canals adjacent to Coconut Lagoon is a fascinating experience, and a delightful way to get a closer look at life in the backwaters.

For reservation and booking of Ayurveda Treatments, Honeymoon holiday packages, Family holiday packages and Ayurveda holiday tour travel packages at Coconut Lagoon Resort, Kerala

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Mobile: 09495179196

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Coconut Lagoon Ayurveda Resort Lake side Kumarakam Kerala, Ayurveda Honeymoon Holiday Packages and Family Packages at Kumarakom, Kerala. Coconut Lagoon Ayurveda Resort Kerala provides Ayurveda Rejuvenation and Relaxation Packages and lake facing cottage Accommodation at Kumarakom, Kerala. Coconut Lagoon Ayurveda Resort has the best Ayurveda Wellness programs and also offer Ayurveda Health Tour travel holiday Packages in Kerala, India.