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Prakruti Ayurvedic Health Resort                                   Ayurveda Resorts Maharashtra


Prakruti Health is a picturesque and idyllic Ayurvedic health resort nestled in the Yavteshwar hills overlooking the Krishna valley and close to Satara in Maharastra, India. Beautifully set in sprawling acres with a rich mix of plants, trees and fauna, Prakruti is only a two hour journey from Pune, four hours from Mumbai and conveniently served by the growing and friendly market city of Satara, just 15 minutes drive.

 At 3,000 feet Prakruti has spectacular views and stunning scenery with visitors refreshed and recharged with an abundance of fresh clean air. Guests are able to visit year round due to its clement climate; cooler in summer than neighbouring areas and verdant in winter.

Prakruti offers a range of general and specialist Ayurvedic treatments, packages and medicines. They pride themselves on their Panchakarmas, Abhyanga (body massage) Shirodhara, steam baths and blend their own variety of ancient remedies on site. There are a number of different treatments to select from, with good advice always at hand from their professional and efficient staff. Prakruti’s team of Ayurvedic doctors has successfully treated long term ailments such as; diabetes, arthritis, joint/back pain, stress, asthma and skin diseases.

Food is strictly vegetarian with a home cooked and healthy feel, not overly spiced, oiled or sugared and the atmosphere is relaxed and charming. Staff are friendly and knowledgeable with 3 resident doctors, 4 massage therapists and 8 caretakers to maintain the complete charm and success of Prakruti. There are only three rules to follow; no meat, alcohol or tobacco and sensibly they offer good children’s play areas; complete with games, rope ladders and swings etc and a well stocked library for parents. You won’t miss the distracting TV nor require the drying a/c as Prakruti has a natural, relaxed and refreshing atmosphere with plenty to see and do. Treat yourself to the beautiful environment and success story that Prakruti offers, it’s a true and natural healing holiday

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