Poovar Island Resort

Overview of Poovar Island Resort

Poovar Island Resort, a tropical paradise edged with Arabian Sea on the East, awesome Ghats at the West, opening out to the deep-sea of golden seashore is enclosed with the serene backwaters of Kerala. The magical ambience designed by the oscillating coconut palms, bright green backwaters, deep blue color ocean, innumerable golden sands, crimson sunsets and lush green flora will offer you an awesome experience. This typical Kerala resort gives you an ideal remote getaway location for a quiet holiday in spectacular natural surroundings. A choice is there between ‘Floating cottages’ and ‘Land cottages’ for accommodation at this charming Kerala Ayurveda resort with the pleasure of a boat cruising sideways the palm-fringed shores of enchanting backwaters.

Poovar Island Resort is a project of Floatels India Pvt and it is formed in the year 1999 by Mr. Kabeer Khader an NRI based in Dubai and Mr. M.R. Narayanan, a technocrat industrialist. Mr. Kabeer Khader, a chartered Accountant by profession who has been magnificently running business for the last 25 years in the Middle East is involved in Surface Preparation Equipments and materials for Refinery, Shipping and chemical factories. Mr. Narayanan, an Electronics Engineer by profession is promoting several industries in the electronics, Software and Environmental pollution control areas, which are functioning well under professional management.

Edged with Arabian Sea on the East, awesome Ghats at the West, opening out to the deep-sea of golden seashore is enclosed with the serene backwaters of Kerala, Poovar Island Resort opens into a paradise. Constructed on 25 acres of lush green coconut gardens accompanied by the beach, the resort has an elegant land based superior rooms. They are made around the swimming pool on a natural lily pond which is unique in India for the floating cottages and villas which afloat on the backwaters with sea frontage. Situated 30 kms from Trivandrum International Airport, the resort is accessible with a 10-minute boat ride on the river.


'Kerala' located on the South-Western tip of India, well-known for its breathtaking and unique natural beauty or warmly referred to as ‘God’s Own Country’ is one of the most sought-after tourist spots in Asia. The placid climate, serene beaches, stretches of gentle backwaters; lush hill stations and mysterious wildlife are the main attractions of this beautiful land. Though the resort is located just minutes from Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum), the capital of Kerala, very convenient to reach hitherto remote enough to escape from the chaos of the city life. The resort is abundant enough to offer you a fabulous experience, giving opportunity to enjoy the exciting gifts of Mother Nature, whereas relaxing with the therapeutic Ayurvedic treatments at the resort. You will be totally free from the routine work, stress, tension, deadlines, rush hour traffic and all the daily chores that makes your life frenzied with the Thiruvananthapuram’s natural exquisiteness combined with the treats and pleasures offered at the resort. The peace and calmness that you experience at the resort will let you reinvent the best moments of life, which can expunge your world experience


  • 86 Cottages offer various accommodation options.
  • 56 rooms can be used as triples.
  • The bathrooms come equipped with Jacuzzis, bathtubs or rain showers.
  • 48 Rooms with a hammock in the balcony.
  • 86 Rooms – 44 Superior Land Cottages
  • 18 Ayurveda Village Cottages
  • 08 Premier Deluxe Rooms
  • 12 Floating Cottages & 04 Deluxe Floating Cottages- exceptional choices of Kerala accommodation.
Check in time - 13.00
Check out time - 11.00

Room Types

Maharaja Suite

This backwater resort in Kerala has 02 Maharajah Suite Cottages on a 23-acre estate. It offers expansive rooms and separate Living area painted in gentle pastel colours. Bathrooms are well equipped with all toiletries. You are specially blessed to enjoy the bucolic beauty of the surroundings in a four-star comfort along with the luxuries of the resort that an international holidaymaker expects. All the cottages of the resort are sheltered to confirm extreme privacy.
Facility in Room
Welcome Drink on Arrival,32" LCD TV With Satellite Channels, Air Conditioning, Hair Dryer Iron / Ironing Board on Request, Bio Toiletries, Lounge Chair / Ottoman, Writing Table and Chair Fan, Digital Safe, Tea / Coffee Making Facility

Superior Land Cottage

The resort has 44 cottages on a 23 acres estate. Superior Land cottages provides spacious rooms coated in comforting pastel colours. Bathrooms are supplied with all the toiletries. You can enjoy the rustic beauty of the surroundings in a four-star comfort together with the luxuries of the resort that an intercontinental sightseer expects. Each of the cottages of the resort is privileged with extreme privacy.
Facility in Room
Welcome Drink on Arrival, 32" LCD TV With Satellite Channels, Air Conditioning, Hair Dryer Iron / Ironing Board on Request, Bio Toiletries, Lounge Chair / Ottoman, Writing Table and Chair, Fan, Digital Safe, Tea / Coffee Making Facility

Floating Cottage

The resort offers 12 Floating Cottages and 4 Deluxe Floating Cottages on the water. Deluxe Floating set up in a separate living area.
Facility in Room
Welcome Drink on Arrival, 32" LCD TV With Satellite Channels, Air Conditioning, Hair Dryer Iron / Ironing Board on Request, Bio Toiletries, Lounge Chair / Ottoman, Writing Table and Chair, Fan, Digital Safe, Tea / Coffee Making Facility

Ayurveda Village Cottages

Ayurveda Village Cottages are specialized to experience an energizing comfort at the stylishly organized ayurvedic resort. Kerala Ayurveda Cottages at the resort are fully equipped with essential facilities and panoramic scenes.
Facility in Room (Non-Chargeable)
8 Cottages Inside the Ayurveda Village, Open-Roof Bathroom, LCD TV, Telephone And AC, View of The Exclusive Swimming Pool of The Ayurveda Village, Bio Toiletries

Ayurveda Suit Cottages

Ayurveda Deluxe Cottages are a choice for who want expansive accommodation at the Ayurveda resort in Kerala, planned to offer extreme relaxation.
Facility in Room
2 Deluxe Suite Cottages Inside the Ayurveda Village, 3Spacious Cottage with Separate Sitting Room, Open-Roof Bathroom, LCD TV, Telephone And AC, View of The Exclusive Swimming Pool of The Ayurveda Village

Ayurveda Floating Cottages

4 specially designed Eco-friendly Non-AC Ayurveda floating cottages offer you exclusive accommodation.
Facility in Room
Built of Environment - Friendly Materials Like Coconut Wood & 'Ramaccham', Famed for Its Medicinal Properties, Roof Made of Thatched Coconut Leaf, Furnished in Kerala Style With Warm Wood Finishes, Ethnic Colour Tones, Yet Modern and Soothing, Curtains Made from Medicinal Plants, Writing Table and Chairs, Dressing and Sitting Areas, Bathroom with Rain Shower, Bidet, Hot and Cold Water, 21 Inch LCD Television with Satellite and Local Channels, Fan, Telephone with International Direct Dialing, Fully Supplied Mini Liquor Fridge, Glass Walled Bedrooms, Private Deck, Wind Powered Air Conditioning


Ayurveda at Poovar Island Resort

Ayurveda, developed in India about five thousand years ago, bears the meaning 'science of life' is a system of traditional medicine inherent to the Indian Subcontinent. It is an art and science of better living through the perfect harmony of mind, body and soul. It can be stated as the ultimate remedy to the damages of today’s frantic lifestyle. The Poovar Island Resort is the right place as it has perfect ambiance to enjoy, understand and absorb the ancient remedies of Ayurveda. The resort is equipped with an exclusive Ayurvedic treatment and rejuvenation centre; ‘Ayurveda Village’ - with all the facilities and a medicinal ‘Herbarium’ – which provides effective and enduring benefits of Ayurveda. The 'Ayurveda Village', one of the few places where this old ancient health-care system is still practiced in its original form holds a team of veteran doctors and masseurs. They apply the traditional knowledge with care, at the right places to take full advantage of the healing potential. The resort offers a substantial package of therapies planned to make you relax, refresh and rejuvenate. The resort guarantees to make you not only feel younger but also look younger!

The motto of the resort is to establish prime health in the visitors, be it physical, mental or spiritual. This is accomplished by creating an energy equilibrium in the functions of the body temperature and at once with the change in routine in accordance with the humble laws of nature.

  • 6,000 Square Foot Centre with 13 Treatment Rooms
  • Two Full Time Doctors
  • 12 Female and 8 Male Therapists
  • 8 Superior Ayurveda Land Cottages
  • Dental Clinic
  • Three Rooms with Steaming Facilities
  • Specialized Restaurant Serving Ayurveda Cuisine
  • Ayurveda Suites
  • Six Rooms Equipped to Handle Traditional Kerala Ayurveda Treatment

Rasayana Chikilsa (Rejuvenation Therapy)

Rasayana Chikilsa means 'Rejuvenation', this Ayurvedic treatment aims at achieving vitality and a healthy life. The underlying theory behind this treatment is to reverse the degenerative processes taking place in the body. This is achieved by bringing about a balance of the body, mind and soul through rejuvenating the functional systems of the body. The treatment claims to retard the process of aging hence it's the ideal package for those who want to look and feel young and healthy.

Kayakalpa Chikilsa (Body Immunization Therapy)

Kayakalpa Chikilsa is the prime body care programme for lowering down the degeneration of cells and tissues thus improving immunity. It is highly recommended to reduce the effects of chronic ailments or illnesses.

Medodhara Chikilsa (Weight Loss Program)

This is a popular program at the resort center. Ayurveda considers excessive weight as a disease and has a methodical approach to weight management and reduction. The program consists of a restructuring of diet and a combination of massages and oral medications

The Diet at Poovar Island

Keeping in mind the strict stipulations of the ancient science, the resort has developed a range of food varieties to suit every person who undergoes our Ayurvedic treatments. The diet is considered critical to the effectiveness of the Ayurvedic treatments or programs. The resort has taken special care in training the Chefs to understand and appreciate this special need. The food is delectable but Ayurvedic at the same time. The delicious vegetarian food derives its ingredients from vegetables and leaves of medicinal properties.

Yoga and Meditation Program

No ayurvedic program is complete unless it is supported by a well-structured Yoga and meditation program. The resort has a highly skilled Yoga Guru who conducts daily classes. Special needs and private classes can also be arranged by prior appointments. Therapies and treatments on offer include those for rejuvenation, purification, immunization, stress management and weight loss. Feel the pressures and tensions seep out of your mind and soul. And let the tranquility of Poovar Island Resort wash over you.

Panchakarma Sodhana Chikilsa (Body Purification Program)

The toxins that get accumulated in your body over a period for different reasons tend to add pressure on the body’s metabolism system and prevents the body from performing at its optimal efficiency. This Ayurvedic body treatment purifies your body and helps to reinforce your immune system leaving you feeling fresh and energized.

Mana Swastha Chikilsa (Stress Management Therapy)

Ayurveda fundamentally believes that a healthy mind is the source for a healthy body. This therapy helps you to manage and reduce the effects of stress, depression and melancholy. It also has specialized programs to treat various psychosomatic disorders.

Degenerative (Chronic) Joint Problems

Ayurveda is probably the only science that has an answer to the problem of degenerative joints. The Poovar Island Resort has a special program to help reduce and retard the effects of this disease, especially in the spine and neck region. The resort has a specialized program for Rheumatism & Arthritis.

Ayurveda Therapies at Poovar Island Resort

Neck & Shoulder Massage (30 minutes)

This special massage primarily focuses on reliving tension and stress around the neck and the shoulder region. This massage will improve the circulation of blood and ensure flexibility of the neck and shoulders.

Head Massage (20 minutes)

This is an oil massage which helps in reducing stress and tension. This will improve sleep, circulation of blood and hair growth. In this massage, head is massaged using special strokes which are very good for relaxation and sleep. Head massage help in preventing migraines, headaches, back pain. There are multiple benefits like improving hair growth, detoxifying body, preventing insomnia, restlessness, relieving depression as well as anxiety. This will boost memory and renew your energy levels.

Steam Bath (15 minutes)

This is a perspiration technique to experience the magical effects of the herbal steam. This will open the energy channels, reduce stiffness and pain, and relaxes & rejuvenates the body. Combining a steam bath with and oil massage gives more impact.

Elakizhi (Part Application) (20 minutes)

Herbal leaves and powders are applied to the whole body in bundles with hot medicated oils. This treatment is identified to cure Osteo Arthritis, Spondylosis, Sports injuries, stiffness of muscles and joints etc. Elakizhi will enable the strengthening of body muscles, relieving body pain and cure of diseases.

Inhalation (10 minutes)

Inhalation of medicated steam is an ancient technique effective in curing common cold, sinusitis and nasal congestions.

Abhyangam General Massage (60 minutes)

Abhyangam is a specialized Ayurvedic body massage. The massage is designed around everyone to suit his or her disease or condition. Abhyangam will increase the production of white blood corpuscles and antibodies, which provide more immunity against diseases. Abhyangam also enables the improvement of immunity towards changes in the environment. This special massage is a protector, preserver and a rejuvenator, increasing confidence and will power.

Padabhyangam - Rejuvenation Massage (60 minutes)

Padabhyangam is a traditional Kerala massage where the therapist uses the hands and feet to perform the massage. This unique full-body massage is used for general relaxation and to attain deep muscular and circulatory stimulation.

Choorna Abhyangam - Powder Massage (45 minutes)

In Choorna Abhyangam, the therapist applies special herbal powders on the body for 45 minutes. This is found very effective in curing Obesity, Hemiplegia, Paralysis, impaired circulation etc.

Chavitty Thirummu - Traditional Kerala Massage (90 minutes)

Chavitty Thirummu is a renowned Ayurvedic massage technique of Kerala. In this 90-minute massage, the therapist uses his hand and feet to perform the massage. This special massage technique is ideal for general relaxation, increasing flexibility in the body and to attain deep muscle and circulatory stimulation.

Mridu Abhyangam - Short General Massage (30 minutes)

Mridu Abhyangam, the short oil massage is usually performed on those who are below the age of 12 years to tone the body, improve the blood circulation and rejuvenate the body, skin etc.

Face Massage (20 minutes)

The Relaxing massage is done by using the ancient ingredient of beauty, saffron cream. This will enable the relaxation nerves on the face and make it glow.

Synchronized General Massage (60 minutes)

Synchronized General Massage is a whole-body oil massage using the expertise and knowledge of two therapists.

Sirodhara (45 minutes)

'Sihra' means the head and 'Dhara' means the continuous flow of liquid. In this process selected herbal oils, medicated milk, medicated buttermilk etc. are poured on the forehead in a rhythm for 40 minutes. Sirodhara can be used against stress, headache, mental tension and certain skin diseases. The therapy starts with a 10-minute head massage

Mukhalepam - Herbal Face Pack (30 minutes)

The application of a mask made up of herbal powders and fruits over the face, followed by a gentle massage made of saffron cream are included in Mukhalepam. This treatment gives a glowing appearance to the face. If repeated for a longer duration, the treatment is effective against dark circles, blemishes and scars.

Leg Massage (30 minutes)

This is an oil massage for the entire leg region starting from the upper thighs to both the feet. This relieves water retention, tiredness and pain caused due to the lack of circulation after long haul traveling. This special massage is for the shoulders and the back-relieving stiffness and pain caused due to long duration of traveling. This improves the circulation of blood and gives more flexibility to the back and shoulders.

De-Stress Massage (85 minutes)

This is a special combination of a whole-body massage for 55 minutes and Sirodhara for 30 minutes. This therapy enables to take away stress, mental tension, sleeplessness and to tune neurotransmitters, thereby relaxing the nerves.

De-Stiff Massage (55 minutes)

De-Stiff therapy is a combination of a part body massage for 30 minutes and a herbal hot application for 25 minutes. This massage is found very effective in curing muscular weakness, stiffness and pain caused due to long haul traveling.

Synchronized Rejuvenation Massage (90 minutes)

Synchronized Rejuvenation Massage is a whole-body oil massage with a combination of expertise four hands and one foot by two therapists

Abhyanga Swedanam (80 minutes)

Abhyanga Swedanam is a combination of a whole-body general massage for 60 minutes and a steam bath for 15 minutes. This massage is found very effective in curing muscular skeletal weakness, pain, stiffness. This massage opens the energy channels of the body leading to the relaxation of the body.

Padabhyanga Swedanam (80 minutes)

Padabhyanga Swedanam massage is a combination of 60-minute rejuvenation massage and a 15-minute steam bath. This massage is found very effective in curing muscular skeletal weakness, pain, stiffness. This massage opens the energy channels of the body leading to the relaxation of the body.


Being listed among the most exclusively designed Kerala beach hotels, The Poovar Island Resort is equipped with a wide-ranging of facilities to ensure you are fully satisfied. The facilities and services in the resort for the guests comprise:

Swimming Pool

The resort pool is a preferred location for the guests; to soak in the pool, sun bathe or sit by the pool side and enjoy a cocktail, the pool is good. The sunken Pool Bar allows you to enjoy a drink while comforting in the pool. The resort has a kids’ pool where children can enjoy themselves in safety. It is obligatory to use the pool Swim Suite.

Sports & Recreational Facilities

Swimming Pool
Beach Volleyball
Indoor Games

Wedding Packages

Wedding at an exotic destination makes the wedding exotic and unforgettable experience. The Poovar Island Resort is a perfect exotic destination for your Kerala wedding as it is around gentle ocean breezes, golden sands and swaying palms. The love and passion all around this spectacular resort stimulates a romantic atmosphere and thus it offers a range of distinct Kerala honeymoon packages.

Conference Facilities

The resort believes that tranquil, fun and exciting environs pay for emerging better corporate strategies. Thus, the resort holds an impressive, ethnic looking conference hall, “THE EMERALD”. The hall is furnished with high-tech audio-visual facilities to conduct conferences, meetings or corporate retreats. It is an air-conditioned conference hall which can accommodate up to 250 persons. Holds a client list of remarkable collection of Fortune 500 companies that have conducted very fruitful conference / training programs at Poovar. The resort is an ideal destination for you to focus on what’s important. It is a perfect undistracted destination which gives a range of options to a conference organizer to pick from.

The resort has a successful record of conducting a 12-night residential training program for the World Heart Federation, whose participants applauded the service and consistently agreed the efficacy of the program which was beyond their expectations. The conference halls can be utilized for different functions with a change of seating arrangements.

Satellite T.V

The resort provides a range of cable TV channels via Satellite like BBC, HBO, ESPN, Star Sports, National Geographic along with Indian TV channels. The resort provides this feature as to offer complete satisfaction for spending time in your room watching TV

Laundry Services

The resort has a complete laundry service from washing and pressing to dry cleaning offering both normal and express service. We wash your clothes cleanly and press them. We offer dry cleaning services as well for your expensive and designer wear.

Dental Care

The resort has a Special Dental Care unit at the resort to enhance your smile. Dr. Adarsh John T M (B.D.S) General Dental Surgeon, specialized in Cosmetic Dentistry and Smile Designing who has practiced as a General Dentist for past 07 years. The clinic provides facilities like:

Collected before 10.00 am from your room will be delivered on the same day at normal rates.
Collected after 10.00 am and requested for the same day will be charged 50% extra on normal rates.

  • Dental Implants
  • Ceramic Crown and Bridges
  • Tooth Whitening
  • Scaling and Polishing
  • Tooth Jewelry
  • Root Canal
  • Tooth Filling
  • Flexible Dentures
  • Smile Designing
  • Child Dental Care


The resort has a shop near to the reception which has a collection of quality, authentic items with reasonable price. The shop has unusual items made of Stones, Gems, Jewelry, Fabrics etc. It works from 9.00 am to 8.00 pm


The culinary treats made up in the resort by the master chefs induce a fervent response among the guests. Each meal is a feast fit for the Gods. What makes the food so special is the fresh catch from the sea, exotic spices, orchard-fresh fruits and vegetables.

Tiffin's Restaurant

The multi cuisine restaurant serve main meals as Buffet or Al a Carte. Also serve Indian, Continental, Chinese delicacies. as 24 hours coffee shop is available in the resort.
Breakfast - 7:30 Am To 10:30 Am Lunch - 1:00 Pm To 3:30 Pm Dinner - 7:30 Pm To 10:30 Pm

Floating Restaurant

Serves Fresh juices, Mock-tails, Snacks, Specialty Menu, soft beverages, Tea/coffee etc. The restaurant is overseeing the Backwater, Beach & sea. The resort offers special theme dinner for Birthday party, Honeymoon candle light dinner etc
10:00 Am To 07:00 Pm

Kappa Bar

Serves Beer, Wine, Fresh juices, Mock-tails, Snacks, Specialty Menu. soft beverages. Tea/coffee etc. Exclusive mini Menu serve in this restaurant.
10:00 Am To 10:00 Pm

Sunken Bar

This restaurant working inside the main Swimming pool, serves Fresh juices, Mock-tails, Snacks, soft beverages. Tea/coffee etc.
8:00 Am To 07:00 Pm

Ayurveda Restaurant

This special restaurant serves only the diet food for those who undergo Ayurveda treatments and therapies. This restaurant is exclusive for the Ayurveda clients. Menu & diet will be advised by our Ayurveda Doctors.
Breakfast 8:00 Am To 10:30 a. m Lunch 12:30 Pm To 03:00 Pm Dinner 7:00 p. m to 09:00 Pm


  • Swimming Pool
  • Excursions
  • Indoor Games
  • Beach
  • Motor Boat Cruise (Morning & Evening)
  • Bird Watching
  • Cookery Classes
  • Outdoor Barbecue
  • Ayurveda Treatment
  • Boutique Shop - Featuring Typical Kerala Artifacts
  • Wood Carvings, Handicrafts, Shawls, Blankets, Jewelry

Boat Rides

Facility to enjoy a boat ride in a motor boat, on the backwaters or go for a safari on the Poovar River. The resort offers a sunset cruise as well. A boat ride will ease your worries and be a refreshing experience. It will be a great time to spend some time with your family.



Kovalam is a world famous destination that attracts tourists from near and far. There are three beaches which are adjacent to each other. This beach has a beach-side bistro and is popular for swimming. Half day excursion is planned to this beach with lunch from the resort. Enjoy a great time at the beautiful beach.

Trivandrum City

Trivandrum City, built on seven hills offers sightseeing visits to Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Puthen Maliga Palace Museum, Sri Chitra Art Gallery, Gardens Napier Museum, Kanakakunnu Palace, and the Planetarium Academy of Magical Sciences etc. which reflect the zest of South Indian city life.

Ponmudi and Cardamom Hills

Ponmudi, a small hill station is ideal for a day trip as the hills are not thickly arboreal and are picture-perfect for a casual walk. The trip along the banks of the Kollar River, situated 72 km from Poovar, is charming with overlooking banana, rice, rubber, teak, tea and pepper plantations. You can enjoy the glimpses of village life in South India. Along the way there is a small deer park worth visiting and a dip in Kollar River is worth considering too.

Neyyar Dam

Neyyar dam, built on the Neyyar River in Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala, South India, is located on the base of the Western Ghats. It is a popular picnic spot about 30 km away from Thiruvananthapuram. The Neyyar River, a pristine aquascape of bright green is the source of the backwaters on which Poovar floats. The scenic beauty of the lake attracts tourists to this place!


Kanyakumari, the name comes from the ‘Devi Kanya Kumari Temple’ in the region, lies in the southernmost tip of peninsular India, and is bounded on three sides by the Laccadive Sea. The former name of Kanyakumari is ‘Cape Comorin’ which is the southern tip of the Cardamom Hills, an extension of the Western Ghats range sideways the west coast of India.

Meem Mutti

If you are more adventurous, Meem Mutti is the right choice! Reach the waterfalls by means of 2 km trekking through mountainous jungle topography. The water flowing straight from the Agastya Mountains is crystal-clear and is quite perfect for an energizing swim.

Tripparappu Waterfalls

Thirparappu, well known for its waterfalls is in Kanyakumari District of Tamil Nadu in the southern part of India. It is is located 55 km from Thiruvananthapuram, capital of Kerala. Take a dip in the Tripparappu Waterfalls, formed in the nourished natural rain water from the mountains and pay your respects to the Lord Vishnu at the Adikesavan Temple, 28 km from Poovar.

View all Amenities and services

Chargable Facilities

Ayurveda treatments as per doctor’s consultation in the Ayurveda Hospital Shopping Boutique On Call Doctor
Sunset cruise Daily newspaper Mini Fridge (soft drinks, Chocolates, Wafers)
24 - Hour Front Desk Airport Pickup & Drop Telephone with International Direct Dialing Jacuzzi Bath
Team Activity & games (Special guidance under our Activity Manager) Laundry service Sightseeing trips
Restaurant (Floating, Tiffins, Kappa)

Non Chargable Facilities

Library Foreign Currency Exchange Children's Menus
Children's High Chairs 24-Hour Room Service Roll away Beds on Request
Rooms with Balcony / Terrace Sun Beds Wheel Chair Accessibility
Kiddies Pool Swimming pool Beach Volleyball
Beach Volleyball Wake Up Service Life Guard
Beach Visit (600 hrs to 1800 hrs) (Not advised to swim) Free Beach / Pool Towels Porter Services
24-Hour Security Drop Free Baggage Handling The resort staffs speak English, Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil
Wi-Fi in LobbyMeditation Yoga Practice (7 am - 8:30 a.m.) Safe deposit locker in reception Luggage room at Reception
Welcome drink on arrival 32" LCD TV with Satellite Channels Air conditioning
Hair Dryer Iron / Ironing Board on Request Bio toiletriess Lounge Chair / Ottomang
Writing Table and Chair Fan Digital Safe
Tea / Coffee Making Facility