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Corniche Inn Resort, Coimbatore - Corniche Inn Ayurveda Resort, Tamil Nadu    Ayurveda Resorts Tamil Nadu

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Corniche Inn Ayurvedic Resort, Coimbatore, is picturesque resort - Corniche Inn, located in the serene environs of Anaikatty, at a distance of 18 kms from Thadagam Road, Coimbatore. Escape from your mundane affairs and the hassles of city life, to reach this nature's land, Corniche Inn Ayurvedic Resort, Coimbatore offers you the opportunity to stretch your line of thought and imagination. Moreover, unwind the mind and feel relaxed in the cozy yet spacious rooms of our resort, while holidaying.


Corniche Inn Ayurvedic Resort, Coimbatore offers warm hospitality at each point of guest's interaction. The strategic locations of the resort, at Anaikatty, proves to be beneficial for the corporate professionals, businessman, tourists or even the families alike. Eccentric is the word that can well describe your feelings when you visit the resort.


Corniche Inn Ayurvedic Resort, Coimbatore - Leisure time while holidaying can be made more special at Corniche Inn. A host of activities such as the country club, recreational facilities, at the resort will keep you engaged, morning till evening. Whatever be your walk of life, you will feel a part of this place and its tradition. Once you enter in to a mystic world of Annaikatty, you will just get stunned with the sightseeing tour the city offers.


Corniche Inn Ayurvedic Resort, Coimbatore - You will find yourself amidst the giant mountains, spiraling valleys, laughing rivers, exotic landscape and poetic breeze, while you travel through the city. Moreover, you will get plenty of avenues to fulfill your surge for wild and adventurous treks of the city.


Corniche Inn Ayurvedic Resort, Coimbatore - Discover the ultimate vacation with endless recreation, charming lodging, and savory dining options, at our resort that well suit your taste.

Facilities at Corniche Inn Ayurvedic Resort, Coimbatore

Rejuvenate Your True Self!
Corniche Inn Ayurvedic Resort, Coimbatore, we ensure that the moment you check in, you feel completely relaxed from your daily routine life. A stress free frame of mind is assured at Cornichhe Inn Ayurvedic Resort, Coimbatore. Annakatti, the place where our resort is located, has famous hills, which make this place perfect for trekking. We also organize picnics, Treks, Camp Fires, etc. exclusively for our guests.


Corniche Inn Ayurvedic Resort, Coimbatore the recreational spa treatments given at our resort are complete stress busters. To provide complete relief to our guests, we have employed experts for special spa treatments. A balanced mind and peaceful soul is also ensured to the guests in spades. For this yoga classes are especially arranged for our guests.

Dazzle in the Swimming Pool
Corniche Inn Ayurvedic Resort, Coimbatore - Dazzle in the fresh waters of our swimming pool and rejuvenate all your sensory channels. Our pool is spacious enough to provide you with sufficient swimming space, that too at your own pleasure.


Corniche Inn Ayurvedic Resort, Coimbatore - A perfect addition in our pool is the dramatic lighting, which changes your mood and environs. The dazzling lights at our pool can be converted to create entertaining atmosphere for your evening party. Landscaping lights of our pool provide subtle illumination and encircle the pool's perimeter.

Multi Cuisine Restaurant at Corniche Inn Ayurvedic Resort, Coimbatore:
Attractive and apt locations of the restaurant at Corniche Inn Ayurvedic Resort, Coimbatore provides you with ultimate comfort to enjoy multi-cuisines and freedom to choose from our favourite menu. Moreover, our restaurant can well become your venue for special events and parties. Spatial area and the high rise roof of our multi-cuisine restaurant is embracive in all aspects and is cozy at the same time. Opened 24X7, the regular meals being our restaurant's specialty, the gourmets can draw from the elaborated menu. Explore the lip smacking tastes of our dishes and hit high on your taste buds.


Corniche Inn Ayurvedic Resort, Coimbatore, serve you Continental, Indian and Chinese food, offering a selection of dishes that are the popular amidst distinct regions. Our Continental menu includes cocktails and fruit juices, Russian salads, Chicken, Seafood and more, Soups - Minestrone, French Onion, Consomme Royale and others. The main courses include the delightful Fish Florentine, served hot and sizzling, Baked vegetables, Italian spaghetti, orecchiette and macaroni, Neapolitaine and Bolognaise sauces. The filling sizzlers, Hawaiin Steak, Green Pepper Steak, Cheateu Briand and more to choose from.

Corniche Inn Ayurvedic Resort, Coimbatore - Exotic and aromatic, Indian cuisine's list goes on and on. You can choose from distinct vegetable dishes including Paneer Makhani, Tadka Dals, Channa and Aloo dishes. Our non-veg cuisines include Chicken dishes like Murgh Masalam, Andhra Roast Chicken Shahi Kurma, Mutton dishes including Mutton Badami Pasanda, Kadai Gosht and many more. Our seafood dishes include Malabar Prawn and Punjabi Machi Maseldar. A wide variety of Tandoori dishes are also served, these start from Paneer Tikka to Machili Irani and Kababs of chicken, fish and sheek. Other speciality dishes of our restaurant include biriyanis and pulaos and appetizing Kashmir Nut Pulao.

Corniche Inn Ayurvedic Resort, Coimbatore - We also offer distinct Chinese dishes starting from soups that include vegetable and meat, hot and sour and sweet corn soup varieties. Attractive and exotic dishes of prawns, fish with red chilli and Peking Sauce, Kung Pao, Rice and Noodles, cooked in Hakka style and with eggs, chicken and American ChopSuey.

Corniche Inn Ayurvedic Resort, Coimbatore - No menu items are complete with the desserts, so is in our menu list. Our desserts include Cream Caramel, Jazz and Hot Fudge Sundaes, Praline Upside Down, Fruit Salad, Ice Cream, and more mouth watering ones. The Buffet, the executive's time saving meal, at corniche Inn is simply irresistible and definetely very economical.

Organize your Corporate Events & Parties
Corniche Inn Ayurvedic Resort, Coimbatore - The spacious lawns stretched out at our resort are specifically decorated for events and parties. Our resort also has a meeting and convention space, with an unforgettable setting for your corporate event. The conference hall is well equipped with distinct facilities that are essential for the corporate event. It can be well called a flexible meeting place, with advanced architectural settings, and an audio visual department.

Country Club and Gaming Facility
Corniche Inn Ayurvedic Resort, Coimbatore forms a platform that provides you with enormous opportunities to meet new people and make friends with them. Our country club is not only devoted to distinct hobbies, sports, and games like cycling, horse riding, indoor games like video games, table tennis and badminton and others; but is also directed for other social activities that appeal to different people.

Apart from being cozy and comfortable, our club is unique all aspects and offers host of activities to keep you busy. The comfort levels that are offered at our resort while playing distinct games are definitely in spades.

Fitness Center
Corniche Inn Ayurvedic Resort, Coimbatore, our personal trainer creates a dynamic environment and exercise program, depending upon your personal goals, metabolism and fitness level. Our trainer combines high intensity workouts and basic nutrition education that motivates you to a high energy levels, besides giving you long-term results. You metabolism rate is calculated to build a personal training program, customized especially for your body.


Corniche Inn Ayurvedic Resort, Coimbatore - Each dynamic personal workout is exclusively designed to maintain your regular fitness routine. Every training session is specially structured to build cardiovascular endurance, improve strength and increase flexibility.

Corniche Inn Ayurvedic Resort, Coimbatore - Understanding your specific body composition, metabolism and fitness level; we can well customize a program that will get you the results you want. Our personal trainer performs a fitness assessment on your body and calculates your unique resting metabolic rate to establish calorie composition required to meet your goals.

Playing Court
A perfect place to burn off energy and get the desired spirit to enjoy every moment. The special moments spent with your family, playing your favourite sport is certain to bring the desired momemtum. The playing court at Corniche Inn is the outdoor play area where parents can join young ones and can enjoy becoming a kid themself. Come summer or winter, your mind remains active by playing any sport. Corniche Inn Ayurvedic Resort, Coimbatore, exclusive arrangements for distinct sport activities, be it tennis, badminton, much hyped cricket or even soccer; you along with your young ones can join and enjoy each game.


Corniche Inn Ayurvedic Resort, Coimbatore offere comfort level at our resort while playing distinct games are definitely in spades. Moreover, you can relish each sport to the maximum, in our large playing court. We provide you with perfect playing equipment that give you ultimate pleasure while playing. Your kids are sure to find their playing partners in our court, while you can sit and enjoy your chitchats.

Corniche Inn Ayurvedic Resort, Coimbatore have especially developed playing area for varying sports in our playing court. If you want to unwind the stress levels, this is a right place to be in. Things can't be much pleasurable when you find yourself engrossed in a game that
you forgot the feeling of being in a different city. Above all, while our resort guests can enjoy each sport at their own pleasure, our playing court is also open for the native people, provided they become its members. The membership of our court can be availed with utmost ease and at affordable pricing too.

Corniche Inn Ayurvedic Resort, CoimbatoreLeave all your worries behind and join us on our playing court. The experience, we assure, you will gather in our court is certain to be memorable and truly worth. So what are you waiting for, pack your bags and apart from enamoring the scenic beauty of the city, unwind your stress and get the higher energy levels.


Corniche Inn Ayurvedic Resort, Coimbatore has spatial rooms, with attached bathrooms, and distinct luxurious suits. The décor of each room is exclusive and sophisticated. Each guest room is given an embracive style and appeal and it is furnished with suitable furniture & furnishings according the specific décor.


Comfort, at your ease!
A delightful view that can be savored from the window panes of our rooms is completely breathtaking and enamoring. The rooms at our resort can also be booked for a complete event or a wedding gala. You can leave the rooms completely at your own ease and comfort at Corniche Inn Ayurvedic Resort, Coimbatore. Furthermore, the hospitality that is offered by the resort crew is beyond the ordinary.

Room Reservation at Corniche Inn Ayurvedic Resort, Coimbatore:
Dwell in the cozy as well as air-cooled rooms of Corniche Inn and enamor the scenic beauty and culture of the southern part of India closely. Our forte is to serve our tourists the best and our priority is to become tourist friendly. To provide ultimate comfort to our customers, we have categorized distinct rooms, viz. suite, deluxe double, standard room and their respective tariffs.

With us, you are assured perfection in all aspects, be it reservation of the room, our room service, hospitality and host of other services accompanied with that are completely beyond the ordinary. Corniche Inn Ayurvedic Resort, Coimbatore, the rooms can be reserved depending upon the categories available with us. You can reserve a single room for 24 hrs/ 12 hrs, to best suit your requirement. The tariffs of these rooms vary according to the category of room.

For reservation and booking of Ayurveda Treatments, Honeymoon holiday packages, Family holiday packages and Ayurveda holiday tour travel packages at Corniche Inn Ayurveda Resort, Coimbatore

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