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The emerald princess is our tribute to the Kettuvallom. While its graceful lines are inspired by this traditional barge of the backwaters, the Princess goes several steps beyond.

This 36 seater cruise boat takes the traditional craft to a new level. Not many Kettuvollams, afterall, can boast of a lounge cum dining hall and live performance area. Not to mention an upper observation deck. And last but not least, a dance floor!

She cruises at a gentle 2-8 knots, powered by a silent, low pollutant engine, that complies with 2005 regulations. In fact Emerald Princess is one of the few vessels in the area that complies with all safety regulations.

So you can be sure of a perfect journey, both for yourself and your family. Looking after your comforts is an 8-10 person crew. So you can enjoy the wonders of the waters in unparalleled luxury.

Kettuvallom (literally ' boat of knots') - is the traditional wooden boat of Kerala. The boat gets its name from the unique rope techniques used in its making. Only natural materials are used. There is no metal used in the building of these boats. Not so much as a single screw! Instead, planks of seasoned 'Anjili' wood are meticulously tied together using coir rope, handmade in the little villages that dot the banks. In between are layered coconut fibres arranged so expertly, they make the boat completely watertight. No rubber seals, no tar is needed.

These boats are steered by means of oars, and bamboo punts are used in shallower waters, like the rivulets. Notice the elaborate bamboo rigging all over the sides. These help the oarsman as footholds, when he's punting or rowing in tricky spots along the narrower canals.

Inspiration is provided by traditional songs and chants, that serve also to pass the time on those long cargo hauls!

In a traditional Kettuvallom, cooking is done on the lower racks, with storage on the upper ones. Fresh water is stored in earthenware pots, which keeps it cool and fresh.
Food and necessary items are stored on in built shelves. Sleeping quarters are usually on the uppermost decks, which have the best ventilation and accessibility.

Witness a kettuvallom making its stately progress through a canal at dawn, and you'll be struck by its marvellous harmony with the backwater environment. Once everything from houseboat to ambulance to rice barge, this queen of the backwaters can now be experienced in its new incarnation. On an Emerald Princess cruise.


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