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Soma Backwater House Boat tours travel packages Alleppey, Kerala


A decade ago, most of you did not know about backwater tourism. But, with the passage of time, Kerala has drawn millions of eco-tourists to its backwaters where they could cruise along the canals and mysterious lagoons for days. In order to captivate the traditions of the past amidst the unexplored beauty of Nature in Kerala-tour operators initiated cruises on houseboats. Soma Houseboats in Alleppey is such an ideal holiday destination for Backwater Tourism. Operated by Somatheeram Beach Resorts Group of Kovalam, these houseboats traverse through the narrow canals to give the tourists a taste of the scenic beauty of Kerala thriving at exotic location on the waterways.

Accommodation at Soma Houseboats in Alleppey

You can rightly look forward to an intriguing affair during your stay at Soma Houseboats in Alleppey . The luxury houseboats have cottages furnished with modern amenities and decorated with the traditional forms of architecture on wooden panels. These cottages also have a sit-out, a bath, a sundeck and a sit-out. You can choose to travel in--

Double room in a twin - apartment houseboat
Double room in a single - apartment houseboat


Backwaters - a unique web of lakes, lagoons, canals and rivers - are an integral part of Kerala's Tourism Scenario. A Journey through the curving and winding backwaters of Kerala is an experience of returning to nature. Now-a-days backwater tourism is something special to Kerala. And Houseboats go a long way in actualizing the many backwater oriented tourism possibilities. Houseboat holidays have become popular in the backwaters of Kerala and provide an extremely soothing experience.

Soma Houseboats operated by Somatheeram Beach Resorts Group, Kovalam, offers the opportunity of a life time to view the scenic beauty of Kerala by traversing the backwaters. Soma Houseboats are mini-mobile cottages. Most of them have two cabins, including a sit out, sundeck, bedroom and private bath. Interior is fully covered by wooden panels. To assist the tourists, the Houseboats have guides and a crew of experienced hands.

Relishing the Traditional Kerala cuisine and dishes made out of local fishes, served by the crew members, the Houseboats takes one to a fascinating cruise at a leisurely and relaxing pace. There are halts in between to stretch your legs on the shore, take in a quick bottle of fresh sweet toddy from a local pub, or just climb up a coconut tree. As one duration boat hire ends, what remains is a hand full of lifelong memory.


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